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PR by Reid VanEck - February 19, 2012

After Mother Nature washed out Friday’s racing program just prior to the start of heat races, much better weather was on tap Saturday as the Big Game Treestands #7 team returned to Volusia Speedway Park for another attempt at the World of Outlaws season opener.

With 35 cars signed in for competition the night got off to a rough start as the Eaton’s Aeroquip Performance Products Maxim lost power prior to taking the green flag for qualifying.  In heat race action the track was still fairly narrow making passing difficult as Dollansky started ninth and finished 8th in the first heat.  The B-Main saw the MobileStar backed sprinter start inside of row seven and race up to 7th in the 12-lap event but wasn’t quite enough as the team was forced to use a provisional to start the main event.

The Aggressive Hydraulics Maxim was mired back in row thirteen for the start of the 30-lap A-Main.  As the feature roared into action the Elk River, Minnesota native advanced a few position to run twenty-first before a caution with 3 laps down.  Unfortunately that would be the only caution to bunch the field up as the main event stayed green until the checkered flag with the Big Game Treestands #7 racing up to the 16th position.

“We broke a camshaft before we got a lap in qualifying so that put us in a hole for the night,” commented Dollansky.  “The track was still pretty narrow for the heats so it was hard to make up any ground.  We’ve got a strong team here it’s just unfortunate the night started the way it did with the adversity we dealt with.  In the feature we might have advanced a few more positions had I not ran out of tear offs but we were able to advance nine positions.”

Due to Friday’s rainout the Big Game Treestands #7 now prepares for a busy day of racing on Sunday as Friday’s program will take place in the afternoon followed by Sunday’s originally scheduled program in the evening.

Quick stats: 
QUALIFYING: no time (33rd)
HEAT RACE 1: 8th, start (9)
B-MAIN: 7th, start (13)
A-MAIN: 16th, start (25)
NOTES: broke camshaft before qualifying